With a tight schedule and lots of islands to fit in, we only gave ourselves one night in Dubrovnik, but you could easily stay here for longer.

We stayed just out of the centre, with a near-by beach and an all important West facing view to catch those sunsets.

To make the most of our time we started early and headed to the old town to explore. Games of Thrones fans will recognise some of the scenery as it inspired King’s Landing, but if you’re like me and have never watched, then you’ll still be impressed by the beautiful architecture and views.

We wandered around for a while taking everything in, then decided to walk the perimeter of the old town’s medieval walls. Definitely do this, the views are stunning!

We also manage to find Buza Bar, which is on the outside of the old town, built into cliffs and the sea rocks. If you can find it, it is a great place for a cocktail and a fantastic swimming spot in the clear blue waters.

After this we decided to head up to the top of Dubrovnik in the cable car, which can be found by heading to the North gate of the old town and following the signs. We thought the views were good walking the old town walls, until we reached the top of the cable car. Wow.

There is a restaurant (you have to reserve if you want a table) and bar, we managed to squeeze in a half hour slot to grab a drink before a reservation time. Well worth the haggling.

Lastly we headed for dinner back in the old town, which was delicious. After some more exploring we headed back to our hotel.

We were due to catch the ferry to Korcula the next afternoon, so decided to have a relaxed beach day until we had to move-on. The waters in Croatia are so clear it’s unbelievable at times.

What a fantastic start to our Croatia experience – Thank you Dubrovnik!

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