After visiting Venice last year it seemed a shame to not drop by on our way to Croatia when the fights were this cheap! At £24 each and only a 2 hour flight it was a no brainer, we would arrive in Venice at 9:30am and leave at 5:30am to travel onwards to Dubrovnik. With transfers included this left us 18 hours to take it all in…



You can fly into either Marco Polo airport or Treviso airport, both are close and only €20 to get into the centre of Venice, however if I have a preference it’s always Marco Polo as you can get a water bus (or taxi at a little added cost) into Venice – how glam is that!!


First we found our accommodation (after a lot of getting lost) always make sure you know where you are staying on google maps, you wont regret it. We spent a good hour trying to find ours, but a good way to explore the magical streets of Venice.



After dropping off our baggage first stop was lunch at the Rialto bridge -pizza of course! The pizza in Italy in no doubt the tastiest in the world. Now we were suitably refreshed and fuelled we carried on exploring the paths, bridges and views of Venice.



A couple of must see’s to check of your list while in central Venice:

1. Rialto Bridge – try to go early or late as it gets very busy during the middle of the day

2. Bridge of Sigh’s – used as a bridge to connect the old prison to the interrogation rooms

3. St. Marks Square or Piazza San Marco – the great church of St. Mark is located here also the Clock Tower, the square often floods completely in Winter!

4. Gondola’s – if you want to take a Gondola trip they are around £100 euros for the entire party, so the more of you there are the cheaper it will be!

5. Burano – the most colourful place I have ever been. More on this below…


If you have the time (and we only had one day so you definitely have the time), you must visit Burano. It is only half hour away from Venice on a water bus and you can purchase a day ticket for €20 euros, this can be used on any water buses in Venice for 24 hours. In Burano all the houses are painted different colours, this was so the fishermen could find the island when it was foggy before navigation systems were around.


I couldn’t pick a favourite house they are all so pretty and special in their own right. Imagine the pressure of picking a colour for your own place if you lived there! We stayed in Burano until sunset, drinking Aperol Spritz’s with the locals.



This place is so chilled in the evening when all the cruise passengers have gone back to their ships and the most of everyone else in back in Venice.


We returned on the water bus while the sun was going down and spent the rest of the evening wandering the streets and taking in the views of this spectacular little island. Before finishing where we started by grabbing a dessert under the Riolato Bridge in the cool evening air.



Finishing our trip in style we had booked a private water taxi to pick us up at 3:30am, partly after realising there was no other way to get to the airport at this time in the morning, partly because we wanted to end our Venice trip in style. Although we don’t have many good photos of this because it was pitch black, the memories of speeding through the canals on Venice when no-one else was around will stay with us. Our skipper took us under the Rialto bridge, through the grand canal and around some of the side canals to make it even more memorable, we then sped over to Marco Polo airport feeling like Bond girls!



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