We arrived on boat from Sorrento, to sparkling crystal clear seas and perfect sunshine. Already I could see how people fall in love with the island of Capri. After working out the transfer options, we had either one of the famous white convertible taxi’s or the mini bus service, literally they are mini versions of buses! We decided on the bus, which actually gave us great views over the island as we ascended up towards Ana Capri. Hold on tight, as they do not hang around, squeezing through the tightest spots on two way streets that are the width of the average pavement.

We arrived at Ana Capri where our Airbnb host Raffaela picked us up for the rest of the journey in his Piaggio car, which is basically a motorbike with a small car facade put on top, they can squeeze through even tighter spots than the mini buses. Our accommodation overlooked the Mediterranean Sea with a perfect view of the sunset and a private pool.

Our host’s father, Giovanni, offers private boat trips around the island, which we decided to do on our last full day in Italy, this was probably my favourite part of the entire trip. Part of the island tour was a stop off at the blue caves, where we changed over to a small dingy boat to be taken inside the caves which was an amazing if not slightly scary experience, we also got to skip the long queue for this as Giovanni and the dingy man were pals.

Just a short walk away was Da Gelsomina restaurant, which served amazing Italian food, the view from here was ridiculous, if you get to visit, make sure you reserve one of the tables by the balcony. They also have a large pool which is free to use if you eat at the restaurant.

In Ana Capri there are plenty of cute little boutiques to explore and pick up presents for friends, family and yourself. Also a few designer brands if you want to drop some big money. Lots of great places to eat and relax, with fantastic Italian food. Yum.

Things to definetely do while in Capri:

1. Take the Monte Solaro Chairlift to the peak of the island for stunning views and a great place to have lunch.

2. Book a tour around the island, its so beautiful from every angle, you can see the Capri arch rock formations, the sailors lady and the island lighthouse which you can’t appreciate from the land.

3. Visit the blue caves, make sure you check the tide times as they only operate at low tide.

4. Eat as much pasta, pizza and Italian ice cream as you can manage! Everything in Capri is delicious.

5. People watch! Capri was a place that the rich and famous frequented before plane travel became common place, it still has an air of luxury and extravagance about it, and the rich and famous still come here. You never know who you may bump into!

Even though we were only here for two days, we managed to do so much as the island is so small everything is close together, I could definetely stay for longer though. I love Capri.

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  1. Pictures look amazing! I need a sun drenched holiday quick. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful destination🌞

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